Welcome. Spring arrived slowly as if Mother Nature knew we needed a pleasant show through our house windows. The COVID-19 quarantine/lockdown continues in my neck of the woods and that’s OK — better safe than sorry, especially for the high risk people I’ve been known to congregate with. Me now looks at me in the header photo and wonders, though, when I’ll be allowed to visit Ocean again. That’s the only thing that I miss. My decades of being an introvert were excellent practice for this weird time we find ourselves in, well, except for the Zoom calls. I chuckle whenever an event host asks everyone to turn their cameras on and half the room disappears. Introverts! I see you not willing to be seen (and I concur). Hopefully soon, we’ll all be able to return to normal introversion — slipping out of a gathering unnoticed as the disappearing experts we are.

Stay safe. Look around. And say hi!