I’m a backwards bear. I hibernate in the summer. It’s hot in my part of the world and heat and I simply don’t get along. Find me wherever the air conditioner blows arctic air freely. I’ll be napping or reading a book then napping, sometimes with the book still in my hands.

I’m also resetting. Last year (September 2018 through June 2019 — I’m still on academic time even though I can’t even see my student days blurry in the rearview anymore), I did new things. One of those new things including setting a goal to do something extremely non-introverted, in public, and I did it. I’m exhausted. June was settling down and deflating after all of that.

July and August are for solo exploration (read: internal and indoors, mostly). It’s also for digital detox: checking email only on Mondays and Thursdays, eliminating Twitter and Instagram for two months, and blocking any other site I may wander onto when procrastinating.

I started working with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way the first week of July. Muse and I are hoping that our somewhat rested selves exploring that “course” during a summer of solitude will lead to more writing. I did my morning pages once, then the heatwave sucked the life out of me. I started again July 8.

I’m rediscovering old “friends” and also learning new things. There will be things that feed me: naps, reading, reading with naps, music, occasional connection with new friends, did I mention naps? And, of course, some time spent with Ocean.

Our big get-together is in September, but I will see Ocean sometime in the next two months. Even if just by closing my eyes and remembering standing right here.

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