Sunday Song: Surviving Sabotage

Sunday Song - ParayDuring a recent lunchtime drive / radio sing-along, I caught the tail end of this tune. I repeated the words to the chorus thinking I’d look it up online later, since I didn’t hear the whole thing, but liked what I heard, and didn’t know who was singing. Then I forgot (everyone but me knew that would happen, right?).

A few days later, while living like the 90-year-old I felt I was born as, I watched CBS Sunday Morning. I heard the same refrain I had in the car. The singer was being interviewed.

The universe, knowing I often don’t write things down then promptly forget them, was kind enough to bring this song and its singer into my world again. This time, I was able to remember and find the song.

Sure, the chorus is catchy musically, but the lyrics are a deep dive into self-sabotage. While I haven’t ever sabotaged myself the way this person did, I’ve dabbled in my own self-destruction in other ways, as we all have, I think.

Did I eat too much? Did I love too much? Did I not love myself enough?

to wreck, to wreck, to wreck
Did I build this ship to wreck?

Perhaps I have, too, Florence. Here’s to us both being on the other side, able to look back with knowing eyes and see what we did and just how far we’ve come.


What is Sunday Song? Well, I’m a musical gal, from taking piano and drum lessons as a kid to my current stint in a community choir. Listening to music is for me what going to church is for some, so I celebrate with Sunday Song. Each week, I post a song that’s been my earworm for the week or that reflects what’s happening in my world along with a wee story why. Read my previous Sunday Song posts.

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