Sunday Song: Joy Through It All

Sunday Song - ParayLife called and demanded I spend all my time listening, analyzing, comforting, learning, protecting, and coming to grips. Until today, when I carved out a sliver of time just for me, a happenstance I hope to replicate more and more now that the skyscraper heights roller coaster runs have evened out to low tide waves.


The first page my browser reveals, as always, is the search engine that’s taken over the world. The doodle, front and center, which I hardly ever click, entices me. I click and am taken to this page, a search landing page for an artist I discovered through music.

Once upon a time, a singer I loved was married to a man who wrote Broadway shows. One such show, that hasn’t been produced on the great white way (yet), tells the story of the artist on that page, the lover of a much more famous “thinky” sculptor. The artist, Camille Claudel, is now recognized for her work’s beauty, “originality and quality.” A song from the show describes the culmination of her life. The culmination of A life.  The culmination, I hope, one day, of my life.

Now, especially in the midst of troubling times (adjacent), you have to life the live you’re given and never close your eyes… and there was joy through it all… and I am standing tall…


What is Sunday Song? Well, I’m a musical gal, from taking piano and drum lessons as a kid to my current stint in a community choir. Listening to music is for me what going to church is for some, so I celebrate with Sunday Song. Each week, I post a song that’s been my earworm for the week or that reflects what’s happening in my world along with a wee story why. Read my previous Sunday Song posts.

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