Sunday Song: Story Time

Four makes a story, in a place I wasn’t looking. But I’m always looking, even when I think I’m not (apparently).

Sunday Song - ParayAfter finally waking from a YouTube coma, brought on my endless gloomy gray clouds on Saturday, I put on a song I knew would put more pep in my step. Several tunes later, I felt alive again and decided to spend some time being creative.

I wandered into WordPress to write this post. Four hours later, I’m finally getting to it. The time that passed found me tinkering with my site, including adding a new widget to the bottom. It’s a playlist! This site, if any site I visit does, needs a playlist! As the great poet Kiki Dee once said, I’ve got the music in me, and so I added it to the site.

Create a playlist, it said, not knowing which computer I was using, ergo which songs were on tap to be added. I instinctively chose four that appealed to me from the library I had at my fingertips. I moved one in front of the other and… lookee there. They make a little story!

First up: Wash Me Clean by k.d. lang, because sometimes you don’t want what you want and you need it out of your system.

Then: Where I Stood by Missy Higgins, about needing to let someone go, having someone else take your place, and being OK with that.

Then: Not the Doctor by Alanis Morissette, a list of who she is and isn’t, what she’ll tolerate and what she won’t, and why.

Then: I Believe in Love by Indigo Girls, about two people working through, together, because despite their differences… love.

(Have a listen in Tara’s Short Song Story in the footer below or click on each song title above.)

It’s not exactly my story, but it’s a story. And I love that I found that story poking around a totally different creative endeavor. Now, back to writing…

What is Sunday Song? Well, I’m a musical gal, from taking piano and drum lessons as a kid to my current stint in a choir. My listening to music is what going to church is for some, so I celebrate with Sunday Song. I post a song that’s on repeat for the week or that reflects what’s happening in my world, with a wee story why.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Song: Story Time

    1. Yep. That happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. This past one topped off with a WordPress wormhole, but that was fun as I redesigned and added doohickeys, etc. I will use this Story Song playlist to entertain myself when I feel the urge to disappear into YouTube…. that’ll keep me out of the wormhole, methinks. Thanks for stopping by!

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