I’m a writer working on flash creative nonfiction, a Dad memoir, essays, and more.

I’m also a choir member who sings all day long, an amateur photographer trying to capture fleeting moments, and a introverted conversationalist (deep conversations with a limited few). I love to laugh and makes others laugh, too. I’m a tea drinker, a stationery addict, and annual Back to School shopper. I love all Swingline staplers. I play piano. I bake (boxed cakes mostly). I’m extremely organized and still use paper calendars. And I’m traveling more than I ever have, many a solo journey.

I sometimes speak in short bursts on The Twitter @taraparay. Some of my pix will be found on Instagram @taraparaypix (recently created).

I’m an introvert who speaks best through words on a page. If I’m not writing, or reading, you’re likely to find me here (my feathered friend here and Ocean just two of many I consider to be excellent company). Everybody wave….

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